Career Transition Coach in Los Angeles, CA

The average person in America will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.

How many hours out of the 90,000 go to waste? That’s a question only you can answer.

As your career transition coach, I'll help you realize your potential, know your passion, and put your gifts and talents in the right place so you can do the impact you were created to do.

I take pride in what I do and I wake up excited 5 days a week to go to work. I do what makes my heart come fully alive and I want to help you reach the same state of mind and get to the same place in your life.

 Career transition coaching will help you transform your career where you feel confident in what you do and do what you love.


Start your career transition with me and I will help personalize your career plan with you.

I Wake Up Every Day Excited to Work...

There's No Reason Why You Shouldn't.


I know what you're thinking. Why me vs. the other 100 career coaches in LA?


As your professional coach and life coach, I understand that a career transition is not just about transforming your career but more so understanding how your life will work cohesively with a new career.


I specialize in life coaching, personal development, relationship, and career transition coaching which all affect the way you perceive your success.

Why Hire Me as Your Career Coach?

Feel Confident in Your Career

Get In-Depth Coaching Sessions and Personal Development Practice

My coaching sessions are carefully planned and tailored for each client. I listen to what my clients want and support them as they embark on a new direction in life. I build a detailed assessment of their strengths and weaknesses to know exact matches of what their career should be and how to make that transition.

Receive A Customized Career Coaching Plan on Your Time

As your career transition coach, I will develop a career coaching plan that is tailored to your schedule, and lifestyle. Is your current job taking over your schedule? I'll work around it to make sure you get one on one coaching advice and techniques you can use every day.

Most career coaches will mainly focus on developing career skills such as networking, resume building, interview hacks, and Linkedin resources. The problem with this is that people have the ability to gain these skills but will end up with a job based on their "work skills" and not their passion.

I'll build up your personal development and confidence in what you are already good at, that way you build a career that is perfect for just you.

Get Organized Career Management

As your coach, you'll learn how to properly manage your career, stay accountable for your success, and set realistic goals within a timeframe of your choosing.

Build Career Confidence. Be Passionate About What You Do.

We will work on developing a realistic career plan to boost your career confidence. We'll take advantage of your passion and expertise so you can start enjoying a new career again.

5 Signs It's Time for a career change

You Start Comparing Your Life to Others.

When you consistently feel not satisfied with your actions or results - and always see that other people do better than you, it affects your level of confidence and success. You then start to question the goal-driven you. Am I in the right career? Is it too late for a career transition?

When you start comparing your life to others, you begin to create negative thoughts. This is not helpful if you are trying to develop yourself. Always remember, someone will be better than you, but you can also be better than others. You just have to be in an organization that sees your worth; you have to follow the desire of your heart.

If you feel not worthy enough in the industry you belong to, maybe it's time for career transition.

Start getting the support you need to be successful and know what advice/perspectives will aid in a better sense of self.

You wake up unhappy about going to work or you count down the days until it's the weekend.

Do you feel unmotivated to come to work and or job search even though your job is paying you pretty well?

If the answer is yes, then you might consider a career transition. Going to work unhappy and low-spirited affects your performance at work. It will not just affect you career-wise but will eventually take a toll on your character.

I take this as a sign to analyze yourself. Why do you suddenly feel indifferent to something you have been doing for years? Since when did you lose excitement on what used to make you get up early in the morning?

It is quite a challenge to answer these vague questions. However, a life of fulfillment and happiness won't happen if you feel stuck in a job that you don't feel 100% positive about.

Hiring a career coach will definitely help in understanding yourself. As your career coach, I'll help you position yourself from a regular job to a career path that empowers your personal journey.

Your motivation to work is becoming less and less.

Maybe your work is starting to fall short of expectations, but you don't know why.

There are times that you get tired of doing the same things over and over again. You think that if something doesn't work for you, it's too late for you to look for the next best thing.

It is actually very common to many employees. You might experience burnout. You become short-tempered with work and even with the people you work with. There are even moments when you struggle to finish a project which is already due.

If you happen to be in this situation right now, consider a career transition coach. You need someone to understand not only a deeper concept of career management but a clear picture of what your strengths are and how that will translate into a successful career.

As a certified life coach and career transition coach, I will help you both personally and professionally. We'll work on building up your confidence, your self-worth and practicing positive techniques of personal development. I'll give you insight into your current situation and guidance on what you should be striving for and how we can accomplish that together.

Your Work-Life Balance is Off. How Can You Tell?

Are you struggling to find the perfect work-life balance? Do you feel you are busier than before and stress is just a part of your everyday life? You tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive aspects of your personal and professional life.

Although it is given that stress is part of dealing with things, it indeed affects the way you envision yourself. It also influences your values - the way you treat others.

It's quite a challenge to process your emotions in times like this - I understand that. As your transition coach, I will help you discover the strategy and tools that will work for you. I will tailor a program that fits that industry you belong to.

You are still the master of yourself. No one knows what's inside you other than you. As your life coach, I will be your partner in identifying what's causing you to struggle, letting go of personal expectations, and redefining what a successful path looks like.

It's hard to do everything on your own and sometimes that is what drives people to stay exactly where they are. Coaching sessions will help you discover the key to becoming alive again.

You spend most days daydreaming about what you used to do

Why you aren't doing those things now?

Everyone's personal journey is a mystery but understanding your past interests/characteristics is a big clue to knowing who you truly are and what you want. The job you have right now is something you may have never thought of doing your whole life, but it was something you settled for.

If you happen to be in an industry far different from what you have been dreaming of, it's time for a career transition. A certified career transition coach will help you uncover the passion you used to have and solidify it in a new career.

You may be in for a job search or trying to upskill; a certified career coach will create a tailored program for you. Each session will help you transform your current situation and partner with you to find a career your passionate about in the long term. No more settling for jobs you hate or because it just "pays the bills."

As you move forward and think of what the future might bring, you should ask yourself - Am I happy? Am I fit for the position I hold right now? Whether the answer to your question is a yes or a no - I'll help you find the career that best suits you so your answer should always be YES!

How Do You Make Your Career Transition?

A career transition is something you do not rush.


Before jumping on a job search, you must understand the reasons and options you consider for a career transition.

Some of my clients ask "When do you know it's the right time to shift to a different career?"

If you know you are making enough money but consistently feel unfulfilled. If you feel emotionally, physically, and mentally drained despite producing results. If you find yourself open to finding a new job through job searches. If you keep questioning yourself - "where do I belong?". Then, consider finding a more meaningful career.

Career transition coaching will guide you on the track you want to pursue.

It isn't easy to make a fresh new start, but a career coach will partner with you and give support while you are in the process of career placement or personal development.

If you feel unhappy or unmotivated to stay in the same industry, hiring a career coach is the best thing you can do right now to living a successful life.

You know the phrase, love what you do, do what you love. Sometimes we don't always know what our passion is until we try.


What ends up happening is most people stay in a career that fulfills their "needs" more than their wants.

Career Coaching will transition you from a place of uncertainty to a place of power and fulfillment in your life. It's possible to achieve career success but you have to overcome the fear of making a change.

Even if you don't fully know what your passion is, career transition coaching is a great way to take advantage of your skills/gifts/talents in order to pinpoint exactly what your next career move is.

Career Transition Coaching Will Uncover What Your Passionate About