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What's my story?


Being a global citizen has always been something that I strongly identified with. Whether it was growing up in

Cairo or California, I never settled down. I sought out various ways to see the world from other people’s eyes.

Journeying through Kenya on a service trip in 2011 was the first seed to my journey to realize my calling. Back

then, I knew that God put in my heart a gift for a different kind of service — a service of uplifting the brokenhearted

and actively working with them through their healing process.

Growth is a never-ending work in progress, yet facing life’s most pertinent questions is no easy task to face

alone. Instead of enjoying the journey of growth, one can find it daunting and arduous.


Accordingly, I tailored my experiences to equip myself with the right tools to allow me to capitalize on

the opportunities I have with people. I partner with my clients to help them find their passion, navigate

different roadblocks and become fully alive to be able to lead a fulfilling life, the life we are called to live. 

Every person has their own respective special and unique purpose. Until we discover our “why,” our

purpose, life will remain messy, overwhelming, and complicated. I am here to partner with you in figuring

out your “why.”   


I have a M.S. in Family & Human Development from Arizona State University, a B.B.A in

Marketing from the American University in Cairo, a Biblical Counseling Diploma from Light

University, and a Life Coach Certification from iPEC. I am also a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Certified Life Coach, iPEC,
Masters of Science in Family & Human Development   

I will help you answer 3 immensely important questions:                  

Why am I doing what I am doing?

 Who am I?

How can I live the life I’m created to live?

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