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Relationship Coaching You Need

to Heal and Grow Together

Unlock the secret to happiness & fulfillment in your relationship

Receive expert relationship coaching in Los Angeles, Orange County, or Online

Around 40-50% of marriages in the USA end in divorce. Many relationships and marriages break down due to lack of communication, misunderstanding, and neglecting to identify your partner’s love language.

I teach couples how to prioritize themselves again and rebuild together as a team.

New to relationship coaching?

Are You Unsatisfied with Your Relationship?


I work with couples to empower their relationship and take charge of its success.

Do these apply to you and your partner?

  • Less motivation for intimacy

  • Mental and emotional stress

  • Loss of positive expectations

  • Lack of respectful communication

  • Ill feelings towards each other

  • A future together seems stressful

  • The grass does look greener on the other side

  • You create conflict to bring back that "passion" in your relationship

  • A rollercoaster of emotions


If any of these apply to your relationship, know that a happy future is possible if both partners are willing to put in the work.


Sometimes marital or couple issues are bigger than the both of you. Getting the support and expert advice to heal your relationship is the best way to start thinking positively about your relationship.


Although no one starts their relationship thinking and planning for its failure, people do fall into habits that lead to unhappy marriages, unsuccessful relationships, and ultimately, divorce.


Why My Clients Love Me As Their Relationship Coach!

Andrew is very authentic and real. His heart is filled with deep eagerness to help all people around to find the happiness and satisfaction embedded in their own life conditions if lived wisely as it should be. Hence, you can sense this authentic eagerness and care in everything he is doing; and usually, it is Andrew who takes the first step, breaking the ice to your soul, as he had already sensed that you need help, even though you didn't utter a word. Nevertheless, he never pushes on you by any means to open up to him. On the contrary, the discussion between you both would go very smoothly and naturally more than you ever think. - Christine G. Takla

Andrew is a person who was there where you are now and he is a person who got himself through it and never settled or conformed no matter how hard it was. He will provide support for every step you take, no matter how crazy it is. - Sara A. 

You may be wondering...Can I rely on someone to fix my relationship?


There's no harm in asking for guidance.

Sometimes a relationship needs feedback in order to flourish.


Create Your Success Story with Me.

What Is A Relationship Coach?

A relationship coach is your biggest supporter

A third partner or supportive professional who guides your relationship in the right direction

A personal support system for either you or your relationship

Someone who will help you let go of past trauma and heal together

An expert who will help you uncover unhealthy relationship habits and communication patterns

A motivator who will provide the framework for what their clients want in their relationship, their own personal journey, and what is holding them back from being happy

An accountability partner who strives for honoring the sacred bond between you and your partner

What Do Relationship Coaches ACTUALLY Do?

Identify future problems in between sessions

Acknowledge the well-being of your relationship

Teach better and more effective communication habits

Marriage, couples, and partner training

What Is Not Considered A Relationship Coach?

Your friend/friends who claim to know "what's best" for your relationship. Trust me. Couples tend to find solace in areas where it may do more harm than good.

 A marriage counselor or therapist. This doesn't mean relationship coaching doesn't involve resolving past issues. Each coaching session is focused primarily on achieving partner goals together and using those techniques to inevitably save their marriage or relationship.

An intimacy coach. They specialize in both physical and emotional intimacy. Relationship coaches won't go into detail about your physical connection but will strive to build your connection as a whole.

Coaching is a long-term process that solidifies a partnership vs. counseling/therapy where short-term problems need to be discussed in a certain time frame.

I'll Help You and Your Partner Rebuild Your Relationship Together.


But first, let's talk about... 

What Can You Expect From Me vs Other Relationship Coaches?

Understanding You and Your Partner Better

Discovering your own and your partner’s love language

Exploring the apology language

Building better communication skills

Aligning your visions

Honoring the sacred bond between you and your partner

Challenges that will push you forward

Healthier emotions and conversations between one another

Our ultimate goal is to bring healing, unity, and better communication.


A good coach will focus on quick wins.


A great coach will prepare you to stay positive even when you don't feel confident.

A partnership is only as good as its practice.

Not ready to start coaching just yet?

That's ok! 

Practice My #1 ( Easy But Most Effective) Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship:

Start listening to your partner first

Spend quality time together

Hold each other accountable for your relationship

Stop comparing relationships to your own

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