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Couples Coaching

Unlock the secret to happiness & fulfillment in your relationship

  • 1 h
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Service Description

Many relationships and marriages break down due to lack of communication, misunderstanding and neglecting to identify your partner’s love language. Many people enter into marriage with wrong expectations and misconceptions. Around 40-50% of marriages in the USA end in divorce. Although no one starts their relationship thinking and planning for it’s failure, people do fall into habits that lead to unhappy marriages, unsuccessful relationships and ultimately, divorce. I will work with you to empower you to take charge of your relationship. We will work on topics such as understanding oneself better, discovering your own, as well as your partner’s love language, exploring the apology language, building better communication skills, aligning your visions, and honoring the sacred bond between you and your partner. Our ultimate goal is to bring healing, unity and better communication, leading to a more fulfilling and more loving relationship.

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